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2020 Scholarship

The Lutheran Lay Fellowship of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area (LLF) is pleased to announce the availability of one scholarship award for 2020.

One of the five objectives of the LLF is "to initiate and support worthy projects of a religious, charitable, and educational nature." The promotion and encouragement of the pursuit of degree oriented education among Lutheran students is the purpose of the scholarship program.

This program, which is an outgrowth of the Bly Scholarship Program and the Scherzer Scholarship Program (both of which were administered by LLF’s Scholarship Committee under the direction of its Board of Directors), supports this objective. Collectively, the intention of the two original programs was to direct awards to promising students entering careers which would enable them to help those in need of spiritual development, and/or affordable shelter and medical attention both at home and abroad. This intention is continued in this program focusing on committed applicants going into their third or fourth year of undergraduate study or to a Lutheran Seminary student..

This year’s scholarship award is $2,000.

  • An applicant must be a current active member of a Lutheran congregation located in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area.

  • An applicant must be accepted by or already attending, on a full-time basis as a junior or senior at a university or college, or a Lutheran Seminary.

  • No applicant will be granted an award for two consecutive years.

The application process is informal; however, information required of an applicant is specified in the Student Application Form. All applications must be sent by E-mail to Send 2020 Application; no paper applications will be accepted.

Application deadline is April 15, 2020.

For churches and schools wishing to advertise this scholarship to their congregations, see below for detailed information and bulletin inserts.

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