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A concern for the low and moderate income elderly in need of adequate housing moved LLF members to sponsor, in 1960, creation of Fellowship Square Foundation, Inc. (FSF), a not-for-profit corporation to implement Federal housing legislation designated to relieve this need. FSF currently has five buildings on four campuses as detailed below.

Funding for the first project, the 140-unit Lake Anne Fellowship House, Reston, Virginia, was obtained in 1969 through diligent efforts of LLF members. Construction began in February 1970, and the first tenants moved in on May 2, 1971. The Rev. Dr. John A. Scherzer provided imaginative, capable leadership, and the Lake Anne project has been recognized as an exemplary implementation of the Housing Act by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A wing of 100 apartments, plus facilities for congregate food service and a meeting room to seat 225 persons, was opened for occupancy on October 15. 1976.

The FSF, jointly with the Virginia Housing Development Authority, began construction of Hunters Woods Fellowship House in Reston in May 1970. This facility has 224 apartments plus a crafts room, classroom for continuing education, food service space, and general meeting room. The first residents moved in on March 5, 1979. By June 30, all apartments were occupied with a long waiting list. The project is a part of the central core of Hunters Woods Village, including shops, public library, and the Community Center.

Lake Ridge Fellowship House, located south of Woodbridge, Virginia, opened on July 10, 1983, with 100 apartments for low-income elderly and physically challenged. By September it was fully occupied, with a waiting list.

The Largo Landing Fellowship House opened with 106 units in June 1984. Located in southern Prince George's County, Maryland, this project was a cooperative effort with the Riverdale Baptist Church. These new apartments were quickly occupied, with a waiting list.

Also in 1984, the FSF tested a new phase of service, managing Lewisville Senior Center for Fairfax County's housing authority. This apartment facility was located on the second floor of a former public school; the first floor had been converted to a senior center. A decision by the county to do its own staffing in 1988 brought this test to an end.

Recognizing the need of many older persons for additional support services beyond those independent living facilities, the FSF started construction of Tall Oaks Fellowship House in Reston in 1987. After various construction delays, the first three floors of the facility were opened and staffed. After completing the structure and finding marketing to achieve full occupancy difficult, the facility was sold in 1991 to an owner who could achieve full use of services.

The FSF created a network of corporations during 1988 to facilitate record keeping necessary for the many different financial arrangements required under the laws governing federal, state, and local housing authorities.

The Rev. Dr. John A. Scherzer resigned in late 1988 from the presidency of the FSF. Dr. C. David Hartmann was elected to succeed Dr. Scherzer. Dr. Hartmann was succeeded in 1993 by Floyd E. Anderson. In 1990 Executive Director Leo C. Berger resigned. The Rev. David I. Heeter was elected as Executive Director in 1990. Dr. Heeter resigned his employment with Fellowship Square Foundation in 2000. He was succeeded in late 2000 by Mr. James Garrett. In 2004 Mr. Floyd E. Anderson was succeeded as president by Dr. C. David Hartmann.

There are between 75 and 90 Corporate Members of FSF that are elected by the LLF membership; 25-30 each year for a term of 3 years. Their duties include electing the Board of Directors of FSF.

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