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April Meeting

Thursday, April 2, 2015—12:00 noon

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Saint Luke Lutheran Church
9100 Colesville Road at Dale Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Gail Hambleton
Vice President
Global Peace Foundation-USA

  Photo of Gail Hambleton

Human Trafficking, Safe Haven Campaign

Safe Haven Campaign is establishing a network of faith communities who are educating themselves and launching public awareness campaigns within their communities to bring an end to human trafficking. This presentation will also stimulate a related potential action agenda. A general overview of human trafficking in the USA, and will be given, both sex and labor trafficking, with an emphasis on sex trafficking of American born victims, underage victims in particular. Information about combating trafficking will be given about Northern Virginia in particular. A focus will be brought to the necessary shift of perception in the understanding of this issue, in terms of the de-criminalization of the victims, and the importance of public awareness for faith communities.

Gail Hambleton is the Vice President of the Global Peace Foundation-USA. She works specifically as the Director of Interfaith Partnerships, and the National Director of the Safe Haven Campaign, Interfaith Alliance to Abolish Human Trafficking. Ms. Hambleton has worked for decades in various International NGOs, many of which were involved in interfaith peace efforts. She lived and worked in Africa for eight years serving in the mission and humanitarian aid fields. Her passion for peace is rooted in her difficult experiences during the war in Zimbabwe, the military coup in Kenya, and the aftermath of genocide in Rwanda. Ms. Hambleton was instrumental in establishing the humanitarian aid organization "Women for Women" in Rwanda, in 1997. Ms. Hambleton started the Safe Haven Campaign in 2013 which is now active in 8 states. Gail is the mother of three beautiful children, and lives with her husband in Virginia.

Global Peace Foundation, One Family Under God
The Global Peace Foundation is building a global network of grassroots leaders to develop community, national, and regional peace-building models as the foundation for ethical, cohesive, and compassionate societies, guided by the vision of One Family under God.

The Safe Haven Campaign is a much-needed public awareness/ educational campaign. It is uniquely designed for communities of faith to become catalysts in their communities. The Safe Haven Campaign exposes human trafficking in local communities, raises awareness, and provides faith communities of with tools to combat the expansive growth of human trafficking in addition to protecting their own families and children.

Interfaith Alliance to Abolish Human Trafficking: Safe Haven

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We invite all Lutherans and their friends to join us for this luncheon meeting of Lutheran Lay Fellowship, scheduled for the first Thursday of each month from 12:00 noon till 2:00 p.m. at Saint Luke Lutheran Church, 9100 Colesville Road at Dale Drive in Silver Spring, one mile south of the Capitol Beltway at Exit 30. Ample off-street parking is available. Interested persons can make reservations for a delicious lunch by sending their RSVP to or by contacting Vicki Porter at 301-229-9884 no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31. The cost of the meal is $9.00, payable at the door.


May 7 – Ruth Manchester, Trip to Cuba
June 4 – Bob “Sarge” Sargeant, Group Discusion
July 2 – TBD
August 6 – Ministry in Daily Life

March's meeting was cancelled due to snow

What is the Lutheran Lay Fellowship?

LLF is an organization for women and men, both lay and clergy, active in the Nation's Capital area. “As early as 1936, feeling there was a definite need for closer cooperation between Lutheran laity and clergy, a group of laymen in the Washington, DC. Metropolitan area, organized to hold meetings that would bring pastors and laity closer together. Due to jurisdictional differences as well as ministerial difficulties, very little success was achieved until the fall of 1941. Then the group met and decided to hold a luncheon once a month, invite their friends and bring visitors. The first luncheon was a success, and within three months every Lutheran judicatory was represented…” [From a Lutheran Directory of Metropolitan Washington, DC, published in 1999.]

Today, more than 70 years later, the Lutheran Lay Fellowship of Metropolitan Washington takes pride in knowing that every night, 365 nights each year, more than 700 low income seniors and disabled persons live in safety and friendship in four high rises owned and managed by Fellowship Square Foundation, Inc. By means of annual scholarships and grants, LLF also supports various college and seminary students; it also provides ushering services for major inter-Lutheran events. But most of all, LLF is known far and wide as a place to hear stimulating speakers on timely topics and to make friends from other Lutheran congregations—friendships that last for decades!

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An organization for women and men, both lay and clergy, active in the Nation's Capital area since 1936
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