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As early as 1936, believing there was a need for closer cooperation between Lutheran laity and clergy, a group of laymen in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area decided to organize get-togethers. In 1941, the group established monthly luncheons, inviting friends and bringing visitors. The first luncheon was a success, and within three months, every Lutheran jurisdiction was represented. Formal luncheons ended in December 2015. Informal luncheon groups will begin in early 2016.
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Our objectives are to:

  • Encourage and develop better understanding and fellowship among all Lutherans.

  • Serve the membership through an inspirational, constructive and Christ-centered program.

  • Initiate and support worthy projects of a religious, charitable, and educational nature.

  • Foster good public relations for the Lutheran Church.

  • Create an atmosphere favorable to Lutheran unity.

A concern for the low and moderate income elderly in need of adequate housing moved LLF members to sponsor, in 1960, creation of Fellowship Square Foundation, Inc. (FSF), a not-for-profit corporation to implement Federal housing legislation designated to relieve this need. FSF currently has five buildings on four campuses.
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An organization for women and men, both lay and clergy, active in the Nation's Capital area since 1936
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